Varalakshmi twitter photo on Pandiya Nadu-Vishal irritates Ajith fans, later apologies

It is known that Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is good friend of actor and producer Vishal, who has recently delivered a hit with Pandiyanadu.
Now that the actress had posted a picture that clearly depicted Vishal starrer is this Diwali winner, she was troubled by Thala Ajith fans.

Reacting to it, immediately Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has deleted the photo and apologize Thala fans. "Apologies to all u thala fans.. Somebody sent me that foto.. So I put it up.. Relax everybody I don't hate thala I'm a fan too," posted Varu in her twitter page.

"I'm jus happy for Pandian Nadu team bcos I'm very close to them.. Cheers and gnite..we have bigger things to worry about.. So sorry again," she concluded.

In Detail

Fans of 'Thala' Ajith Kumar were least amused when Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, an upcoming actress and who is to find her feet in Kollywood, tweeted on the Net saying that Vishal's Pandianadu is the clear winner among the Deepavali releases.  After getting a taste of the fans' ire, Varalakshmi promptly withdrew those remarks.
Readers might recall that the one-film old Varalakshmi debuted in films opposite Simbu in last year's Poda Podi which turned out to be a moderate hit.  Her Sundar C-directed Madha Gaja Raja which has Vishal and Anjali as the other lead stars, has hit huge bottlenecks in its release in theatres.  The film's release has temporarily been shelved for many reasons.

With no film on hand, Varalakshmi found herself getting caught in rumours which said that she was in love with Vishal, who had clashed with Sarath Kumar, her father and president of Nadigar Sangam.  Even before the rumours could die down, Varalakshmi posted pictures of Ajith, Vishal and Karthi on the Net and said that among the three who had their films releasing on Deepavali, Vishal was a 'clear winner'.

Her remarks which suggested that Vishal's Pandianadu was a better hit film than Ajith's Arrambam have invoked the ire of Ajith's fans.  The fans gave vent to their anger on the net by reserving some choicy expletives about Varalakshmi who promptly withdrew the picture of Ajith and apologized to Ajith's fans for her ill-timed comment.

"I am also a fan of Ajith and I seek apology from all the hurt-souls.  I only meant that I was happy for the Pandianadu crew as I'm close to them.  In no way did I mean to hurt Ajith's fans," concluded Varalakshmi's latest tweets.


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