Samantha's bad health halts Suriya-Lingusamy film

Suriya and Samantha 
Lingusamy and his team, who were shooting with Suriya and Samantha in Mumbai, are back in the city now.

The month-long schedule of the untitled film has come to a brief halt, after Samantha developed a mild skin irritation during the shoot.

Lingusamy explains, “We were continuously shooting in Mumbai without break, and Samantha has been brilliant so far during the shoots. I think her skin is very sensitive to heat. It turned a little red due to sun tan. So, she requested us for a couple of days’ rest and we have given her a few days off. We want her to be perfectly OK for the shoot, as the schedule involves a lot of her portions as well.”

He adds that now, the rest of the unit too has currently taken a break for a week, and will return to Mumbai and resume the shoot on December 7. Meanwhile, clarifying on reports that she is seriously ill again, Samantha spoke to reporters and said, “The rumours about me being seriously ill are not true. I have been shooting for five films at a time now. So, I got a little tired due to heat exertion and requested Lingu sir for a break. I rested for just two days, and I am perfectly fine now. I’m only human, can’t I fall sick for two days?”

The actress, who is currently shooting for a Telugu film in Hyderabad, added, “I will be required for Suriya’s film during the last week of this month. I will be shooting from December 23 to January 4 for that film. Till then, I will be travelling to Jaipur and Japan, to shoot for my two Telugu films.”


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