YouTube Video issue: Anirudh's father met commissioner

Youtube Video issue: Anirudh
For the past few weeks Anirudh is in the limelight for two controversies, one for not returning the amount to Varun Manian's Vaayai Moodi Pesavum and another for oscene lyrics in his promotional music video.

Yesterday it is said that Anirudh has returned the advance amount to Varun Manian and also handed over an apology letter for not composing music for Vaayai Moodi Pesavum.

Now we also hear that Anirudh's father Ravi Raghavendar met Chennai police commissioner on Jan 21st and said that Anirudh has removed the music video from You tube. Anirudh's father also said that they don't have any wrong intention and now as many have objected the video has been removed.

Though Anirudh's father has met and explained Anirudh's stand, the police will stop investigating only after the petitioner Jebadas Pandian withdraw the complaint.


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