Anjali should learn professionalism from Nayanthara, says furious Director

nayanthara anjali
Even as Anjali is looking to stage a comeback in Tamil, a fresh controversy has erupted. Director Mu Kalanjiyam claims that Anjali cannot act in any Tamil film until she completes his Oor Suttri Puranam, to which she committed a year ago.

He is furious now and has blamed the actress for the financial losses that he has been incurring for the past one year.

Kalanjiyam says, “Anjali shot only for 12 days for my film and after that, disappeared. I have been facing financial losses only because of her as I am producing the film. My debts run close to one crore and I am unable to compensate or face my financiers. If she had shot for 20 more days, I would have completed my project. I have already filed a complaint with several associations, but no action has been taken yet. Now, I hear she might be working on a Tamil film and a Kannada film. She cannot act in other films without completing my film. If she does so, I will have to handle this issue legally.”

He adds, “Look at Nayanthara. The world knows about the Simbu-Nayanthara controversy. However, she is now working with Simbu again, respecting a script. Anjali should learn this kind of professionalism from Nayanthara.”

Meanwhile, Anjali responds, “I am completely problem-free now and have finished my Telugu movie. I am now starting work on my Kannada movie with Puneeth Rajkumar. No one can stop my shoots as I have not committed any mistakes.”


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