Chennai Times Most Desirable Man 2013: Arya

This light-eyed actor is known to be quite the playboy of the industry. But Arya seems to wear that tag with nonchalance. A self-made actor and.

The quintessential lover boy, his films do the talking for him. It, therefore, seems fitting that Arya has been voted No.1 in Chennai Times 25 Most Desirable Men of 2013. The numerous votes received online on along with our vote, decided the winners. We get talking to Arya…


You have been chosen the most desirable man. How does it feel?
(Laughs). It feels so funny in a way to be chosen as the `most desirable’ person in the industry . For sure, it is not something that I expected. The fact that the people have chosen me for this is very humbling and I do feel honoured. It feels good that people have acknowledged something like this -it is a huge boost to my self confidence.

What are the qualities that you think make you desirable?
Well, talking about looks strictly , I should thank my parents. Regarding my physique, I have always been an active sportsperson right from my school days. I was always e encouraged y. to take part in g some activity , so that helped me shape up quite well. I have always operated only on my own terms. So, I have a sense of individuality , which I think is desirable. I have also remained very simple and true to myself.

You have a Casanova image in the industry. Do you think that has worked to your advantage?
It is very difficult to maintain a Casanova image. So many people claim to have seen me with different women, and, naturally , I am automatically linked with them. But, in reality , I am just friends with the women I am supposedly spotted with. I know it might be a cliched statement to make, however, it is true. I have a vivid personality and I am open about my relationships. I have never ended a relationship on bad terms. Despite the fact that I have been linked up and subsequently broken off with so many women, no one says anything bad about me -everyone will only say I was their friend. So, the truth is out there. If I am ever in a serious relationship, I will make sure that the whole world knows.

You are open to experimenting with your looks. What look do you feel you have best carried off?
I loved the look I had in Naan Kadavul. Before you are horrified, let me tell you this -underneath that long hair and beard, you know that you are not looking your best. However, to overcome that feeling and then to convince yourself that you in fact do look good onscreen and act is personally very challenging. Which is why , I am very happy that I got to portray such a role. Other than that, I like my look in Arinthum Ariyamalum. More recently , I am excited about my look in Meagaamann, primarily because of the character that I essay.

Who according to you is the most desirable woman?
I think Katrina Kaif. She’s got the charm, the smile, the looks, the physique -she truly is the whole package.


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