Sister’s fiance is the bruglar at Iniya’s home

Last week actress Ineya’s house in Thiruvananthapuram was broken open and cash and jewelry were stolen when the family had gone to watch a movie in a nearby theatre. Iniya’s father immediately launched a police complaint.

Now the Thiruvananthapuram police have nabbed the culprits. Iniya’s family was in for a harsher shock when they come to know that one of the burglars was Shabin who was actually the fianc� of Iniya’s sister.

It has come to light from the police investigation that Shabin who was engaged to Iniya’s elder sister Swathy hails from a poor background. He came to know about the money being kept in the house. He sought the help of his friend Rajan who is also a petty theif. The duo planned to steal the money on the day of engagement itself but the plan did not work out.

On the day of the incident Shabin accompanied Iniya’s family to the theatre after informing Rajan. In the mean time Shabin has made a duplicate key for the house and handed it over to Rajan. Rajan came with one of his accomplices and stole money worth rupees six lakhs and a few sovereigns of Gold.

The police have confirmed that Shabin and Rajan have been arrested and Rajan’s accomplice is absconding. They have also confirmed that rupees 2.5 lakhs have been recovered from the culprits.


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