Arjun’s Jai Hind 2: Mano Bala’s risky stunt

Mano Bala
We have heard of stars performing risky stunts to impress audiences. But details of a ‘risky’ stunt performed by director and actor Mano Bala in actor Arjun’s Jai Hind 2 left those who attended the film’s audio launch laughing.

Giving out details of the incident, Mano Bala said, “Actor Arjun, who has also directed Jai Hind 2, wanted me to ride a moped with the heroine riding pillion for one of the sequences. I kept telling him that I was not someone who was accustomed to performing ‘risky stunts’ and therefore pleaded with him to avoid the scene. He retorted saying, ‘You call riding a moped risky? Then, what will you say about the stunts we perform? We jump from 80ft high buildings.’ I replied, ‘You are the ones who get big hoardings. They don’t keep cut-outs for us. So, why must we take the risk?’ Anyway, he had his way and the scene was shot. I rode the moped and the heroine rode pillion with me. We would have hardly moved a few feet when the vehicle skidded and both of us sustained injuries. I turned to Arjun and said, ‘This is precisely why I said I don’t do risky stunts.’”


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