Samantha talks about here bikini act in Anjaan

Samantha hot bikini
Lot of eye brows were raised when Samantha came in a bikini in Anjaan. Finally, she opens about why she wore a bikini in Anjaan.

Samantha had done mostly homely roles in Tamil earlier with Baana Kaathaadi and NEP. She wanted to break that image and hence gave a go ahead for bikini in Anjaan. She thanks Anjaan DOP Santosh Sivan for showing her very beautifully in the movie.

Samantha says she received lot of feedback – both positive and negative about her bikini act. Also she says for her to stand out in a Mass hero oriented movie like Anjaan – she had to resort to a gimmick like bikini.

Samantha’s career is at a high in Tamil with Kaththi Vijay and 10 Ennratharkulla with Vikram lined up. She desperately wants a hit in Tamil and make her detractors eat crow.


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