Kaththi promotions on low key, will release smooth for Diwali?

Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s AR Murgadoss produced Kaththi has been censored on Saturday (Oct 11th) and has got a U certificate. It’s time to celebrate but producers Lyca Productions are not going to town about it.

Kaththi is confirmed for a Diwali release on October 22, but there are no high profile promotions or even a press meet. The trailer of the film is yet to be released, and everything regarding the film is being kept under the wraps.

The buzz in Kollywood is that the producers do not want to hype the film or promote it aggressively before release, as it can create unnecessary controversies.

The film has been in the eye of a storm as some Tamil groups have been saying that the producers are very close to the Sri Lankan president. The court has refused to interfere after the censor of the film.

Ever since, Lyca Productions have taken over ‘Kaththi’ the controversies started to evolve. After the release of the audio last month, the protestors did not make much noise, and we all thought it would be a smooth sailing for the movie. Early this morning, the High Court has announced that they cannot issue a ban on a movie which was already certified by CBFC to a petition filed by Ramesh asking to stop ‘Kaththi’ & ‘Puli Paravi’.
No problem if the producers are changed to Vijay or AR Murgadoss.
However, the protestors are not in a mood to back off, and they have decided to oppose the movie if it comes under the banner of Lyca. The protesters do not have any issues with the movie or Vijay, but, they are demanding, Lyca to back off from the project as they are warning that there will be a statewide protest on the day of the movie’s release.

Now it looks like the film and its makers will keep a low profile and release straight to theatres worldwide on October 22. Till then Kaththi will remain in the sheath.

Stay tuned to know more about the never ending controversies regarding ‘Kaththi’.


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