Kaththi story row: Case withdrawn; Murugadoss speaks out

Minjur Gopi, who had filed a case against AR Murugadoss alleging that the director had used his story for Kaththi, has now withdrawn his case.

The court has fined Gopi for causing unnecessary chaos and disrupting the judicial function. Meanwhile, Murugadoss has now filed a defamation case against Gopi.

Breaking his silence, Murugadoss spoke to us on the issue and said, “Right from the beginning of the controversy I was clear about one thing — that I should not give in. If I don’t take this case seriously, people like him (Gopi) will keep cropping up. Then, when my next film releases, some other person will come and claim it is his story. So, I was inflexible in my stand that we should not encourage people like him. I ensured that his demand is not accepted just for the sake of doing away with the case. I knew I would get justice and the truth would come out one day. That’s why I kept quiet when he was creating problems with his allegations. Also, I felt there was no urgency to prove myself because I knew his claims were baseless and I can prove my ability in my next film as well. Now, I have filed a defamation case against him.”

He added that he did not want to be discouraged by this issue. “I have already moved on and I will be working on my next Hindi film from next month,” he said.

Meanwhile, when we contacted Gopi and asked him the reason for withdrawing the case, he said, “This is just one of the legal proceedings and I do not want to disclose my next move as that will alert my opponent.”


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