Suriya - Karthi home productions creating false hypes?

Actors and Brothers Suriya and Karthi have been involved not just in the acting part, but they are consistently up on the top gear with their production ventures as well.

With the entire family involved in the production of movies under various banners like Studio Green, Potential Studios, Dream Warrior Pictures, Prince Pictures and many more on the arrival’s list, the entire group is involved in the consist release of movies.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a disappointing element involved in their family production. They make a confirmed statement about a film’s release, henceforth creating the best hype and advertisements, finally to letdown the audiences and fans.

Initially, they had made sure that Karthi’s Komban would be hitting screens on April 2 and to make a smart move of avoiding clashes with other movies, they managed to report about getting to screens on March 27. Everything is fine, but how could they make such announcements even when the post-production works are still happening and far away from the finishing line. Now again without any options, the release date of Komban has been yet again postponed to April 2

In all likelihood, Suriya’s Masss seems to be going through the same hurdle. Venkat Prabhu is usually known for taking a very long time to wrap up with his projects and ‘Masss’ is no exception. The film is directed by the same producer of ‘Komban’, Studio Green K.E. Gnanavel Raja. While the shooting itself is not completed, there was a news that the film would be hitting screens on May 1. It is noteworthy that Masss is a fantasy-horror with lots of CG works involved and hence, the post-production works would at least take couple of months to complete.


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