‘Maya’ actors team up for a cancer awareness film

Nayantara's Maya has been declared as one of the year's best super hit films and now everyone in the team has getting the right dose of acclaims and offers. Remember Amzath, who played the negative role in this movie and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, who appeared as Nayantara's friend in the film?

Well, both of them are now sharing the screen space together in a film titled 'Igloo', directed by debutant Bharath Mohan and produced by CV Kumar. The film holds some prominent factors like being shot in the natural locations including hospital and no set work has been utilised.

Shedding lights on the film, Amzath who played a supporting role in Vallinam followed by negative character in Maya says that he was so muh impressed with this script based on cancer awareness.

"The film is about a couple and what happens when one among them is diagnosed with cancer," utters Amzath, who continues to add that they are planning to feature the film in international film festivals.


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