'Zero' gets great response from audience and critics

Supernatural thriller Zero hit the theatres and the movie has been getting some really good response from audience and critics alike.

Zero, a Tamil fantasy horror film released yesterday and it made an awesome opening at theaters with a positive rush at multiplexes.

The film is not on that much hype but still the film got a good response from audience. With the another release Thozha of Nagarjun the film will have to face a bulk of competition.

Film Zero is directed by Shiv Mohaa, the debutant director has proved that fresh concepts and a gripping storyplay is ost essential to work at the box office. It is produced by Balaji Kapa. Film is written by Shiv Mohaa (Arun Kumar) itself. Zero is starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada and JD Chakravarthy in the principle roles. Nivas K. Prasanna gave music this film. Babu Kumar is the director of Photography. JD Chakravarthy plays a pivotal supporting role in the film.

Zero is based on a particular belief from the Biblical time with references to Midrashic literature - Adam, Eve and... we're not revealing more! You have to watch the movie to know more! The film stars Ashwin and Sshivada in lead roles.


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