‘Kutra Parambarai‘ issue: Bharathiraja responds to Bala

‘Kutra Parambarai‘ issue: Bharathiraja responds to Bala
Veteran director Bharathiraja has reacted to filmmaker Bala’s statement that the former should stop criticising him in the ‘Kutra Parambarai‘ issue.

The terse reply from Bharathiraja is: “I am not going to talk anything now. My film will speak.”

Speaking to reporters in Chennai on Friday, Bala, who was criticised by Bharathiraja for making ‘Kutra Parambarai’, said, “Kutraparambarai is not a story, but a real-life incident. Nobody can claim the right to it saying, 'I wrote this story!' This is history. Similarly, insisting that only I will make this into a film is very childish, because anybody can make a film on history.”

Bala also said: “I have not yet named the movie yet. Mine is totally different from theirs,” he said, adding: “Let them take their movie, and I will take mine. I urge them not to talk ill of me anymore”,

“I am hurt. They have pushed me to this stage where I am compelled go public,” the ‘Pithamagan’ maker added


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