AR Rahman tips to the individuals who telecommute during lockdown

Oscar Winner Isaipuyal A.R.Rahman was on an uncommon live talk on Social platform, Instagram in which he shared many interesting parts of his life.

A.R. Rahman's tips to the individuals who telecommute during this COVID-19 lockdown is that to be disciplined one needs to dress such that one would go to the workplace and afterward sit at their PCs and the result would be vastly improved. He said that the next most important thing is to go and talk to all the family members once the work is finished to show them that you are there for them. Lighting candles and incense sticks is another tip to keep great vibrations and harmony in the house as per the maestro. The other fundamental tip is to rest and eat well yet never exaggerate both.

He likewise talked about the significance of spirituality and religion however the kind that spreads love and not hatred. Wise words from a thorough gentleman that should do good for all those who are stressed out during this coronavirus pandemic lockdown.


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