'Not impressed with AR Rahman music', Kamal reveals in an interaction with AR Rahman [Full Video]

Kamal Haasan and AR Rahman came together for an Instagram live chat session. Watch the conversation video.
Kamal Haasan and AR Rahman Live
Ulaganayagan and Isai Puyal came together for an live online interaction today through Instagram. The two Tamil icons discussed various topics from music, art, movies, failures, writing to social issues and more. Both had their own point of views and ideas.

They discussed about their mutual friend - musician Soori couple of times. AR Rahman was the neighbour of Soori while Kamal was a student of Soori's dad, Thangappan master.

Rahman said, "Soori was not let out. He had very protective parents. He had a room and was given everything he needed. There used to be a lot of western music collection in his room like Led Zepplin even back then. He almost had a childlike enthusiasm."

Being an ardent fan of Ilayaraaja, Kamal revealed that he initially couldn't accept AR Rahman’s music. "I found you only after people recognised you. Working with you was a happy experience. Not saying it for the sake of it. The atmosphere you create during the whole process is great.", said the actor.

"AR Rahman created a pattern in music and constantly kept breaking that pattern and reinventing himself, that’s what first made me like him. While working with for on Indian, when I heard ‘Kappaleri Poyachu’ song for the first time, I was not at all impressed, I even told the director that. But while shooting it, the song was completely different. I didn’t know AR Rahman’s working pattern back then. He first gives a rough tune and then improvises till the release of the film.", said Kamal.
Kamal, AR Rahman
Kamal Haasan also praised the work of AR Rahman, saying his best is yet to be released in their upcoming film Thalaivan Irukkindraan.

When AR Rahman was asked to share his thoughts about Kamal as a lyricist, the composer said, "When you speak to him you realise... apart from acting... he studies so much. He has read so much about all the religions. He is a university by himself and a reservoir of a lot of knowledge. I have met with him for about 10 days. Every minute has been quality time."

When Kamal was asked what does mean to be a Tamizhian, he said, "You should know the language. When one listens to a good poem, his eyes should tear up. A Tamizhian should feel happy when hears that language. But the love for it should not antagonise others. I here would want to quote what my friend Gnanakoothan used to say: 'Tamil Thaan enathu moochu adhai pirar mel vida maataen'".

Rahman recalled how a foreigner came running to him to appreciate his songs for Dil Se, which turned out to be a box office disappointment. In tune with that, Kamal shared about how his house looked like a funeral day on the day of Hey Ram's release.

Talking about the impact of cinema on our music, Kamal opined that the former has cannibalized the latter. "Our great music tradition has been eaten into by cinema. AR Rahman has a lot to offer than film songs. He should do something outside the realms of cinema."

Rahman agreed - "I feel very suffocated when someone asks me to do something I have done before. That's done. It has been eaten into, and I don't want to do it again."

Kamal Haasan and AR Rahman are coming together for the Kamal's dream project 'Thalaivan Irukiran'. The duo joining again after 20 years, after the super hit 'Thenai' in 2000.

Watch the entire conversation here:

- Source Indian Express/YouTube


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