Regal Talkies OTT to release Miruna, Thadayam and Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath this month

Producer CV Kumar launched Regal Talkies to stream Miruna, Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam, Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath online.
Miruna, Thadayam and Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath
Well known producer CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment introduced talented directors in Kollywood and gave quality movies like 'Attakathi', 'Pizza', 'Soodhu Kavvum', 'Thegidi' etc.

Now the producer makes a ‘digital foray’ through his latest venture OTT pay-per-view (PPV) streaming platform named 'Regal Talkies', which is ready to be launched on July 8.
CV Kumar tweeted "Regal Talkies launching on 8th July . A pay per view OTTin tamil . Support us friends 🙏", few days back.

Kumar claims that he had been toying with the thought for some time however had not acted on it due to “apprehensions” that the viewers could not settle for a brand new platform. "Since the lockdown period has shown there is audience support for subscription-based streaming services, I thought this was the best time to launch," he says.

In an interview to a daily, he said "Though NRIs and Tamil diaspora subscribe to PPV services to watch Indian films, this practice is still uncommon here. However, the lockdown has shown encouraging signs with subscription services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ Hotstar adding more users."

"My audience will be those who want to watch good content films. Look, there was this film I previewed in 2016. It was made on a budget of nearly ₹1.5 crore but they couldn’t spend any more to promote it. Forget making money at the box office, it was doubtful of getting a theatrical release. Now imagine such films releasing here and we set a nominal fee of 100. Let’s assume one lakh people watch it. The producer stands to make ₹1 crore. This is the best option for such films.", he added.

"Theatres only contribute 20-25% of revenue today and producers are aware of it. Also, theatres really don’t mind if small films release directly on digital platforms. It is only with the star films they will have an issue."

CV Kumar said, the main issue there is that producers don’t earn a fair share of the revenue. "Most small budget productions, my films included, don’t release overseas. It releases on an OTT platform or a PPV service. The Tamil diaspora watches these films through such platforms. It is not that everybody desires to watch only big star films all the time. "

Kollyinsider reported few days back that how Ram Gopal Varma makes money through pay-per-view by launching his movies on similar platform

Here are some of the movies which will be available on this Regal talkies OTT platform and the new movies which will premiere on the platform. You can watch it in browser by visiting or from the app which you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


This romantic flick's teaser was launched by music composer Ghibran today. 'Miruna' is written and directed by Rakav Mirdath, releasing on July 8th 8PM IST.

#RegalTalkies #MirunaTeaser #PPC

Presenting the Official Teaser of Miruna Starring M.Arun Kumar , Sharanya Turadi in lead roles, Directed by Rakav Mirdath

#Miruna Releasing On July 8th at 8PM

Casts :
M.Arun Kumar
Sharanya Turadi
Anupama Kumar
Caravan Arunachalam

Written & Directed by: Rakav Mirdath
Produced by: Rakav Mirdath
Music: Prince Mulla
Cinematographer: CV Guru
Editor: Shankar K
Art Direction: A Uma Shankar & A Rubert Baby
DI: Master Frames
Colorist: Sheik Abdullah
Sound design: Jaikar
Final mix: DS Balaji
Banner: Surreal Pictures | Regal Talkies
Pro: Nikil Murukan
Digital Partner: Digitally

Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam

Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam
'Thadayam Mudhal Adhyayam' is a crime psychological thriller. One of the crime scene turns out to be intriguing for the cop Mathivaanan which links to the series of previous murders with same pattern in the town. 'Thadayam' has Linga playing the full length Cop role as protagonist. Premiering exclusively on Regal Talkies, on July 10th 8PM IST.

Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath

Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath
'Onbathu Kuzhi Sampath' is an Emotional Romantic Thriller Premiering on July 24th 9PM IST. Starring Herobalaji, Nikhila & Appu Kutty, the movie is directed by J.Ragupathi.

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