TV serials may resume shoot after July 6, says RK Selvamani [Video]

TV serials may resume shoot after July 6, says RK Selvamani [Video]
The COVID-19 pandemic spanned more than 100 days in Tamil Nadu has put all daily wage workers and technicians out of work in small screen space.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has granted permission for the small screen content shoot with maximum of 60 people on June 5 and few other restrictions.

Last month, the government also gave permission to hold film post production. Meanwhile, due to the increased corona spread in Chennai and surroundings, a full lock-down has been implemented since June 19 in Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Chengalpet and Madurai has been extended till July 5. At that point the small screen shooting was completely stopped.

Can they resume shooting again after June 6th if the lockdown gets relaxed? RK Selvamani, the president of FEFSI association has released an video message to clarify this doubt:

I have been getting calls from producers and daily wage workers of FEFSI on when can we resume shooting for Television series. This audio is to give clarity to them, from the 6th of July, the lockdown is Chennai is likely to be relaxed like how it was a month ago. I am in touch with the government officials who have told me that we need not get permission from the government again to resume shooting for small screen industry. All the producers who got permission earlier can resume shoot after the 6th of July. I double-checked with them if we need to talk to the ministers and CMD again to resume shoot. The officials have assured us that no permission needs to be taken by producers who have already been allowed to shoot. The official also asked me to wait for a couple of days, see the situation on how the virus has been spreading and the actions that the government is taking. So, all that has to be taken into consideration, but in all possibilities, the lockdown will mostly be relaxed by the 6th of July and you can resume shooting for small screen industry from the 8th of July. I request the small screen producers who have got permission to shoot already to be ready to start shooting by the 8th of July. I will confirm once again about the status in a day or two.

If the TN Government relaxes the lock down after July 6, TV serial shoots are expected to resume from July 7 or July 8, says RK Selvamani in an interaction with leading online publisher. Now, TV channels are telecasting back to back movies to fill in the void created by the serials but fans of the daily soaps are eagerly waiting for the new episodes.


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