Yogi Babu feels hurt when using him for publicity

Yogi Babu doesn't like the makers using him for just publicity, projecting as main lead in the film.
Yogi Babu, Cocktail,
'Cocktail' produced by famous director and cinematographer Fiji Mutthiah is directed by Vijaya Murugan.

The film starring Yogi Babu, Rashmi Gopinath, Mithun Maheswaran, KPY Bala, and Kawin OTT rights was grabbed by Zee5 and released directly in its streaming platform from July 10th.

The movie didn't do any good for the comedy actor Yogi Babu right from the first look poster, in which the makers showed him as Lord Murugan and become controversial. The actor later issued an apology note for those who were hurt.
Yogi Babu, Cocktail,
Post release, the movie did not do well as expected and receiving negative reviews from critics and audiences. Though Yogi Babu wrapped up the shoot in 10 days and acted in the movie as a supporting cast along with the hero of the film, the makers and Zee5 projected Yogi Babu as a lead hero. This was not welcomed by the actor as it disappoints his fans.

The actor says he doesn't like some makers using him just for the publicity purpose though he acted in few scenes or did some cameo role. He says it's painful to disappoint the fans who are coming to see film thinking he plays the lead role.

Yogibabu has said that he does not have much desire for a hero and wants to establish himself as a comedian.

'Cocktail' was scheduled for release at the end of March 2020. Since there are more delays in opening of theatres due to coronavirus lockdown the movie released directly on Zee5 on July 10th 2020.


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