Bharathiraja slams Meera Mithun for her accusations against Suriya and Vijay

Attention seeker and self-proclaimed supermodel Meera Mithun has been brewing up an internet storm over the past few days, alleging actors Suriya and Vijay of nepotism in the Tamil film industry and also made several derogatory statements against many actors including Trisha, Jyothika and Aishwarya Rajesh and against actor Vijay’s wife Sangeetha.

In her series of allegations, Meera Mithun dragged the personal life of Vijay and Suriya before abusing them with inappropriate words.

In response, director Bharathiraja in his latest press statement has condemned Meera Mitun’s allegations saying her words are like “mud being slung upon a beautiful painting.” “This young woman, who has made these statements without maturity, seeking fame, should stop speaking ill of the stars. Those from the industry will not keep tolerating this. I strongly condemn her statements,” he writes in Tamil.

"The woman Meera Mithun has crossed her limits and spoke rubbish about Vijay and Suriya. Both of them grew on their hard work and living a dignified married life in society. We all have witnessed their growth and way of living throughout their career. Meera Mithun has spoiled the persona of both the actors by crossing her limits.

Being the senior member in the industry, I'm indebted to condemn such acts of an immature woman who has a craving for fame. We will not tolerate the baseless accusations against the families of dignified artists in the industry. Suriya has been contributing to the education of many children while Vijay also does similar welfare activities without much publicity. Meera, life is still there. Try to purify your thoughts and look for a decent living without exploiting the fame of others.", reads his statements.

“Meera, there’s still a lot more in life left (for you). Work hard and struggle,” he writes. Bharathiraja has also appealed to the media to not give a platform for such claims. “Encouraging such people might turn out to be a wrong example. Therefore the media should cut what it needs to cut,” he adds.

Towards the end of his letter, Bharathiraja has acknowledged the toxic fan behaviour on social media, referring to actor Kasthuri’s experiences. “Actors like Kasthuri have been targets. Actors should not keep mum thinking that only fans are doing it. It becomes your responsibility to advise them and make them responsible. Actors should at least release a statement to bring them under control,” he adds.

Additionally, Bharathiraja has also condemned Nadigar Sangam and the other film bodies for not coming in defence. “Just because the union has not had any elections, will they not raise their voice even for personal needs? If one were to think that it only corresponds to someone else’s family and therefore there is no need (for me) to speak up, then that same mud will be slung upon your family too, won’t it? Shouldn’t everyone join together in condemning it?” he asks.

While South Indian Actors Association did not release any press statement condemning the act of Meera Mithun, Bharathiraja is the first to release an official statement against the allegations. Vijay fans had recently filed a complaint against Meera Mithun for insulting Vijay and his wife Sangeetha in a video.


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