Bharath's 'Time Enna Boss' Web Series Trailer is out [Video]

Watch the trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s Tamil web series 'Time Enna Boss', a comedy of errors involving time travel.
 'Time Enna Boss' Web Series Trailer
While the title, first-look, cast and crew was announced yesterday, now the trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s Tamil web series 'Time Enna Boss' is out.

Directed by Sutta Kadhai-fame Subu, this Sci-Fi comedy web series has Bharath, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Robot Shankar, Karunakaran, Alex and Sanjana Sarathy.

'Time Enna Boss' is a Tamil sitcom that deals with the everyday adventures of an average IT guy, who ends up sharing his apartment with four random time travelers from different time periods, who accidentally get trapped in present day Chennai.

Priya Bhavanishankar plays a doctor from the 1970s, Sanjana Sarathy plays a woman from 1895, Robo Shankar plays a warrior from 10th century and, Karunakaran plays a man who travels from 2075.

“The concept of Time Enna Boss is unique and innovative, taking the audiences on a refreshing journey of time travel with lots of laughter. fun and heartwarming moments. We believe it has the potential to delight audiences in the South,” said Pushpa Kandaswamy, Managing Director of Kavithalaya, in a press statement.

Get ready to watch the 10-part web series starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video from September 18.

Amazon Presents
Pushpa and Kandhaswamy's Time Enna Boss Official Trailer,
A Kavithalayaa Production,
A Tamil Scifi Sitcom

Starring Bharath, Priya Bhavanishankar, Alexandar Babu, Robo Shankar, Karunakaran, Sajnana Sarathy.

►Release Date - September 18, 2020, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

Created by - Super Subu
Produced by - Pushpa Kandaswamy, Kandaswamy Bharathan
Written by - Naru Narayanan, Mahakerthi, Super Subu
Writer’s Room - LTP, Gautami, Deepak, Vinodini
Cast - Bharath Niwas, Priya Bhavanishankar, Alexandar Babu, Robo Shankar, Karunakaran, Sajnana Sarathy
Guest Staring - R. Parthiban as Voice of Time
Direction Crew - S.Muthu Kumarasamy, R.Thiyagaraja, Karthik Ravi, R. Surya, Sanjith, and Dhananjayan
DOP - V Murali Krishna
Editing - EM Arun
Production Designer - T.Balasubramaniam
Production Manager - Late. Sozhavander’ J Samuel
Music Label - Madley Blues
Sound Designer - Sync Cinema
Background Score - Madley Blues
Lyrics - Super Subu
Costume Designers - Pallavi Singh, Kavya, Nagu
Publicity Designs - Ar. Suvirnath Swaminathan
DI & VFX - Accel Media
Colorist - Ajith Vedi Baskaran D.F.Tech
Mixing Engineer - Harish


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