Vijayakanth had mild coronavirus symptoms, now he is well, says press release

Vijayakanth, actor-politician, has reportedly been tested COVID-19 positive. DMDK party press release on health update
Reports emerged that actor-politician captain Vijayakanth has been admitted in the hospital after tested positive for COVID-19. Sources said the DMDK leader had been admitted to the MIOT hospital in Ramavaram for getting treatment for the virus.

Meanwhile, a formal press release from DMDK party office has been released, saying - "Healthcheck is a usual practise that Captain undertakes. While doing the same at MIOT hospital this time, he was diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID. Now, he has been treated completely and is well,"- the report read.
He got infected during one of his party's (DMDK) recent event, reported United News of India's report. Vijayakanth, who was already unwell, shocked fans and party workers when learned that he was infected with the corona virus. Fans of Vijayakanth took to social media to wish for good health. Netizens started trending the hashtag #PrayForVijayakanth on social media.

Vijayakanth made his acting debut in the 70s with the Tamil film, 'Inikkum Ilamai'. In an acting career spanning more than three decades, Vijayakanth has been a part of several commercial hits. He was last seen in his son's film 'Sagaptham' playing a cameo.


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