SP Balasubrahmanyam responding well, still on life support, says his son SP Charan

SP Balasubramanyam who was critical due to COVID 19 infection has recovered from the coma and responding well
sp balasubramaniam
Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam has been admitted to the MGM Healthcare after tested postivie for COVID-19 a few days back.

A couple of days back it was reported that SPB was critical and was kept in ICU ward at MGM Health Care Hospital. Following the shocking news, fans and leading celebrities took to social media to wish the star singer a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, yesterday night SPB Charan had issued a statement regarding his father’s health. He stated that SPB is recovering slowly but steadily and he is responding well to the treatment.

SP Balasubrahmanyam’s son SPB Charan had released a video updating the health condition of his father. In the video he had stated that - “Yesterday, dad was in critical condition and he was incubated and was put on ventilator. I need to give you all a report today. There are too many calls coming in since early in the morning. I seek your forgiveness if I wasn’t able to respond to your phone calls. This is a good media for me to pass on the information to everybody, so please share it in all your WhatsApp group and spread the word. Appa is stable, we are calling him critical, the doctors are calling him critical but cautiously, he is getting stable, there is a very good response for the ventilator, his lungs are functioning better than they were yesterday. The doctors are very confident that he will pull, it is a time-consuming process and it is not going to be overnight. It is not a daily update issue; we are expecting a recovery but it is going to be a slow recovery. Your prayers are definitely helping, please keep them coming. We are very grateful for your love and affection.

SP Charan released yet another video statement in which he said, “I know it’s a late update but we wanted to give a thorough one from the medical team. Since it’s a Sunday, there were a few things happening at the hospital. Dad was shifted from the ICU on the third floor to an exclusive ICU room on the 6th floor. The shifting took some time.”

The singer also gave some good news. “Dad is still on life support but he is able to recognize people and doctors now. He even gave thumbs up sign. He is breathing more comfortably than few days back. Doctors see it as a pleasant sign and consider it as a road towards recovery. There is a lot of effort from the medical team. The recovery will take a long time but we are hopeful that he will recover as early as possible. He is not fully sedated now.

In the meantime, SP Charan said that his mother who was tested positive for Covid-19 is also fast recovering. “Mom is getting better and she will be discharged in two to three days. We are hopeful that dad will follow her back home. Let’s keep praying. My family is indebted to all your love, affection and prayers.


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