Vijay's 'Master' teaser breaking several records

Vijay charisma, fan base and Lokesh Kanagaraj's direction makes Master one of the most anticipated film in Tamil film industry
Vijay's 'Master' teaser breaking records
Thalapathy Vijay's 'Master' is undoubtedly the most anticipated film among Thalapathy Vijay fans. The teaser of the film was released at 6 PM IST on 14th November and drew a largely positive response from the viewers.

In the first 5 hours, the teaser has already crossed 10 Million(1Cr) views and broke several previous records on YouTube.

With just over 8 hours of the release the teaser has crossed over a record of 12 million (1.2 crore) views. The teaser also received over 1.5 million likes which is another astounding statistic. Sources say it is the first teaser for a film in India to get those many likes. 'Master' become the fastest Indian teaser to reach this milestone and it took just 1 Hour 18 minutes to acheive it.

Lokesh Kanagaraj has edited the teaser with the sole intention of pleasing the core fan base of Vijay. The teaser is action-packed and gives a solid introduction to the unruly teacher, who despite his serious drinking problem, looks impressively fit and handsome.

The teaser is stylish in nature and Thalapathy doesn’t disappoint even in a single frame. The huge asset for the teaser is Anirudh’s BGM. He has given extraordinary music and gets instantly connected with any Thalapathy fan.


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