Ban lifted on Divya Spandana!

Divya Spandana

Kannada film industry which is top on the headlines for the crisis happened in the past few days has come to an end with the entry of Karnataka Film Artistes' Association President and actor Ambareesh as a peace maker between Actress Divya and producer Ganesh.

It is heard that a meeting was held yesterday, actress Divya and producer Ganesh, KFCC President Basant Kumar Patil and some of the producers have attended the meeting. The meeting resulted very amicably and in a friendly manner as actor Ambareesh has settled the issue of both sides. The decision was made so to ensure smooth functioning of the industry.
Now the ban on Divya was lifted and she is allowed to start her commitments and also can start her shooting of film which is produced by Ganesh.
So now, All is well with Divya!


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