Gautam Menon : 'I was harassed by Elred Kumar'

I was harassed: Gautam Menon
Dispute between director Gautam Menon and RS Infotainment's Elred Kumar has gone another level. Earlier it was RS Infotainment's Elred Kumar, filed a case against Gautam Menon stating that Gautam took the advance to direct a film but later it was not done.

Now, it is Gautam Menon's turn and he replied to these allegations and released a press note stating that he was harassed by Elred Kumar. He also stated that he maintained dignified silence for the past 8 weeks but the time has come to answer all the allegations.

Gautam denied all the allegations made RS Infotainment stating that he directed 4 films for RS Infotainment but still Elred Kumar of RS Infotainment is forcing him to direct another film.


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