Paradesi 'reality trailer' video goes viral, gives negative publicity

The sight of the director hitting and beating his cast has not gone down well with Kollywood or the citizens.

Paradesi 'reality trailer' video
A 'reality trailer' for Paradesi uploaded by director Bala has sent shockwaves in K-Town and in Chennai. The making-of video shows the director violently hitting, kicking and cursing actors a- and ironically, the video ends with the director smiling.

Kollyinsider reported it earlier here Bala’s Paradesi 'Reality' making video raises controversy [Video]

Within hours of uploading, the video became viral online garnering negative publicity. A majority of the comments were negative, with viewers even commenting that will boycott the film. However, the biggest criticism came from people in the Tamil film industry who feel the director has shown an abusive, non-existent side of Tamil cinema and his sadistic tendency.

"A making-of video is generally considered to reflect the reality on the sets. It will create a wrong impression on the younger generation who might think abusing actors is the only way to get realistic performances," says Eeram director Arivazhagan. "When filmmakers are expected to ensure the welfare of animals on sets, shouldn't they also maintain human rights? Even I get angry on set and have broken phones in fits of anger. But I ensure I never direct my anger towards my cast and technicians!"

We hear that an assistant director was asked by Bala to cull the shots to create this video. When he approached Deepak Bhojraj, who had cut the trailer of Paradesi, to create a promo video, Deepak had refused saying that it wasn't the right way to create a trailer. Still, the director decided to go ahead though he was advised to remove shots of hitting women and him smiling at the end as it will be damaging to his reputation.

But Bala just told them that he wanted to see what reactions the video will invoke.

"It is not the right way to do a promo. No film editor will agree to do a promo video which shows the director or the film in bad light. Bala does not seem to be aware of the power of social media and how it can quickly create a negative talk around a film," says editor Suresh. He adds that unlike theatrical and television trailers, online promo videos need not get censor approval and filmmakers can get away with showing whatever they want.

Director Balaji Mohan says, "I have heard of how Bala sir was very patient and warm towards the disabled people who were part of the cast in Naan Kadavul. Instead of showing such an approach, this video sends out the wrong signals to aspiring filmmakers. And because Bala is such an influential director in Tamil cinema — he was one of the reasons why I became a filmmaker — he should have been careful in how he promotes himself."

Balaji Gopal, digital cinema designer person who helped upload the video, clarifies to CT, "Bala is not actually hitting anyone. It's only an enactment with sound effects added to make viewers feel uneasy. It was done by Bala's internal team to show how serious he is about filmmaking and not to show him as a sadist." However, the video already seems to have caused a wave of negativity for the film.

Meanwhile, Bala buys a house in Poes Garden…

It's a neighbourhood in Chennai that houses the residences of the Tamil Nadu CM and Superstar Rajinikanth. And, director Bala is apparently the latest to join the list of people to own a house in Poes Garden. It's said that the filmmaker has made that much money from his upcoming film even before its release! Interestingly, the director – in an earlier interview to us — had commented, "Rich people don't interest me. The life of the poor strikes me." We wonder how Poes Garden fits in with this line of thought though.

What the Tweeps say?

  • • A video of a director hitting his actors in the name of reality is going viral.Can we please have one of actors beating the hell out of him? – Siddharth, Actor
  • • Paradesi 'reality' teaser sets a bad example to young future filmmakers who consider Bala sir as an idol. This isnt the way to make films. – Balaji Mohan, Director
  • • I'm a big fan of Bala sir.. He is an icon to the tamil industry.. but I really dunno what to say after seeing that video.. very disturbed ! – Dhayanidhi Alagiri, Producer
  • • I decided not 2 watch the reality muvi! I shud b building temples for directors Rajesh S.R.Prabhakaran sir! – Udhayanidhi Stalin, actor and producer
  • • Heard it's a film made about(?) Human slaves. But the making looks more scarier! – Karthik Subburaj, Director

The Paradesi team reaction

  • • Reality promo shows the effort of Bala sir to make each nd every scene lively! Nd the stick isn't real at all. – Distributor of the film
  • • Its just the making video where sir is enacting the shot. Its very evident. – Vedhika, Actress


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