Arya in search of real life Rani

With Raja Rani, produced by Fox Star Studios, AR Murugadoss Productions, The Next Big Film, set to hit the screens this month, Arya opens up about the film, his role and linkup rumours.

What attracted you to Raja Rani? When Atlee narrated the script, the dialogues of the film were very catchy. They were sharp and funny. It will be a very fun film which is also emotional. Even at the time of narration, I was laughing and crying at regular intervals. Many arranged marriages do not work because of ego clashes. Atlee has handled this issue on a lighter note. This will be a musical treat as well.

Did you go for any makeover for your role? I had to sport two looks for the role of John. One is the husband John, who is bored and has no interest in his looks. The other is a young and energetic John, who you see in the flashback. He is fit and lively. I had to put on weight and later shed a few kilos for these two looks.

You are part of quite a few multi-starrers. How comfortable are you working on such films? Every actor is confident about his talent and I’m very comfortable working with other stars. The script of multi-starrer films is usually fresh. Also, the audience gets to watch their favorite actors sharing screen space together. I only see the scope of my role when picking my films.

Arya weds Nayanthara… were you fine with such publicity posters for Raja Rani? It was the concept of the film as we both play husband and wife in it. I was absolutely fine with the idea of promoting the film like that.
What do you say to all the link-up rumours that are being written about you? (Laughs) When people write about me, I feel that I am still alive in this industry. Why are they going to write about someone who is not worth it? I don’t hide anything. When I get committed, I will let people know about it.

Have you found your real-life Rani? I have Ranis only onscreen, and I’ve not found my real-life Rani yet.


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