All is well between Ajith Kumar and Nadigar Sangam

All is well between Ajith Kumar and Nadigar Sangam
As soon as the elections of Nadigar Sangam were over, there were lots of issues pertaining to the absence of Ajith Kumar during the elections…

He wasn't there to meet any of the parties for the campaigning and at the same time, didn't come forward to cast his vote.

When Nasser, the newly elected President was asked about it, he didn't make any complains on anyone, but made a statement saying, "Voting hasn't been made mandatory and sooner, the processing would be done." However, none of them actually made any complaints against the actor.

Later, it was reported that Karunaas, the Vice-President has made allegations against Ajith Kumar and commented that he wouldn't be invited for any Nadigar Sangam programmes and at the same time, Nadigar Sangam wouldn't be approaching him for any favours.

On hearing this news, Karunaas reached for the situation and confessed saying that someone had hacked his twitter account and so was this problem. "Personally, I don't have cold vibes with anyone and I respect everyone. I do share a good rapport with everyone as well," tots up Karunaas.


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