Suriya says 'I am Happy on Velayutham's success' 
Spinning huge profits across the globe, Suriya-Shruthi Haasan starrer ‘Ezham Arivu’ is taking a great leap in all the centres. ‘A new attempt always goes well with criticisms and we have been exposed to positive and negative comments’ said Suriya.
The actor was through vigorous shooting schedules for his upcoming film ‘Maatran’ and he was back in Chennai recently. Thanking media channels for the good reviews and appreciations, the actor continued to shed more light on the project, about its pros and cons.


Actor Suriya uttered that the entire team had to go through hurdles and somehow managed to accomplish with the perfection levels. ‘I had toilsome moments while working for climax portions. The final combat between me and John was shot nearly for 20 days due to weather conditions. John belongs to the fourth generation of martial arts family and I could practice stunts only between the shots. I cannot forget A.R. Murugadoss giving ‘Pack Up’ unable to bear my sufferings. But today, I am happy that the film has yielded has good results.’


While speaking about the mixed reviews for the film, actor Suriya didn’t miss to bring ‘Moon’ into picture. ‘It’s a beautiful creation that we keep admiring all throughout our lives. On the contrary, we do see the dirty spots over it. But when it is viewed on whole, we enjoy it. Similarly this film has been exposed to both positive and negative reviews. We are ready to accept everything as we believe both in the film critics and audiences’ judgment as well. After reading reviews, one of the versatile filmmakers of Tamil film industry had watched the movie. He called me up and congratulated for a wonderful movie and mentioned that there aren’t any flaws in this film as mentioned in the reviews.


As journalists started bringing forth the flip side of this film, he said, “I had given me ideas and certain views to director A.R. Murugadoss and I cannot interfere more into the director’s work. But as on whole, I feel the director has done justice to his job.”

About the scenes involving LTTE deleted in Sri Lanka, the actor mentioned that they cannot do anything with the Foreign Government. ‘Do you actually know the list of 9 countries that betrayed the Tamil leader that occurs in your dialogue?’ He paused giving a smile asking them to direct the question towards A.R. Murugadoss.

‘Let’s not separate ourselves as Eelam Tamilian, Singapore and Malaysia. It is good to feel oneness amongst us’ totted up Suriya.


The actor didn’t miss to say that for the first few days he was nervous working with Suriya Haasan as he was able to see father Kamal Haasan in her. But very soon they developed cordiality with her friendliness. When asked about the limited romance in this film, Suriya said that the film didn’t require the usual stuff and they wanted treatment to be completely different from the usual paradigms.


The actor is elated with the grand success of both ‘Ezham Arivu’ and ‘Velayutham’ as well. ‘I am happy that the industry is so healthy as it churns out varieties of movies at the same time. While a new attempt is made, it’s necessary that commercial genre should be very much available. My upcoming movies after the ‘Maatran’ are going to be commercial entertainers. Jyothika invited Vijay’s wife Sangeetha for the special screening of Ezham Arivu and she was very much impressed. I didn’t have time to watch Velayutham and will soon do it.’


Thanking online portals, Suriya said that the system is much different from the newspapers and magazines as it offers synergistic way of relationship with the fans all over the globe. I am easily connected with the fans and it helps me a lot taking their feedbacks and views.


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