Sathyaraj speaks about 'Nanban'

Nanban is to hit the screens this week. Once the film is out, there will be several comparisons with the original.
But actor Sathyaraj, who has played a vital role in the film, views it differently.

He says, "There won't be any comparison from the audience side. Apart from Chennai, the audience for Hindi films is very small in Tamil Nadu and has been diminishing since my college days. Sholay ran for 250 days in Coimbatore but 3 Idiots ran for just two weeks there.”

“Those days, Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna impressed the Tamil audience. After that period, Hindi films are not very popular with the rural audience. So those who have not seen the original will feel the freshness of the film. Nanban is incomparable."

About his character he says, "I have not done such a role in my 200 films. The role was very challenging. I am very excited about the film's release."


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